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SB / DVBE Option

All California state agencies and departments (per Government Codes 14838.5 and 14838.7) may use a streamlined procurement process known as the SB / DVBE Option by contracting directly with a California-certified Small Business (SB) or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) for goods, services and information technology valued for $5,001.01 to $249,999 (or up to $333,000 for public works contracts) after obtaining price quotes from at least two SBs or two DVBEs.  The SB / DVBE Option significantly increases SB and DVBE opportunity to access and compete for billions in state contracting opportunities.  The SB / DVBE Option is the fastest and least expensive procurement process in comparison to other state procurement methods.  The SB / DVBE Option can amount to 90-days in time savings cost reduction / avoidance and include:  no advertising, a minimum of only two bids required, potential one-day contract award, no protest, flexible, and convenient.

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