Supply Schedules

The General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Program was created to streamline the federal government procurement process. The California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) Program basically mirrors the federal program.

The buying process is simplified. GSA has performed the heavy lifting involved with examining schedule holders’ commercial sales practices, capabilities, financials, past performance, and pre-negotiates pricing, terms and conditions. The GSA has essentially completed a thorough vetting in order to simplify the procurement process for federal buyers. The State of California piggybacks on that vetting to provide the same service for state and local government buyers.

Why Should You Want to List Your Products and Services on our Stay Safe Solutions’ Supply Schedules?
1. Supply Schedules are the most widely used government contract.
2. Federal agencies spend over $64 Billion in annual procurements.
3. Supply Schedules provide access for additional bid opportunities.
4. Supply Schedules provide a competitive advantage in the government

Who Buys?
1. Hundred of federal, state and local government buyers.
2. Government owned corporations, e.g., Farm Credit Bank, Tennessee
Valley Authority, National Park Foundation, etc.
3. Various institutions, e.g., National Institute of Health, National Labs, etc.

Why Government Buyers Prefer Supply Schedules?
1. No order limitations.
2. FedBizOps Synopsis is not required.
3. Pricing is pre-determined to be “Fair & Reasonable”.
4. Procurements pre-vetted for compliance with regulations and competitive requirements.
5. Supply Schedule purchases average 15 days vs 268 days with
Open Market procurements.

Other Significant Schedule Provisions?
Disaster Recovery provisions allow state and local governments to purchase from any of the schedules or categories to prepare for or facilitate the recovery from a disaster.