Industry ClassificationNAICSUNSPSCNIGP
Medical / Dental / Laboratory Products
Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing3391124200000096761
Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing3391134100000096761
Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing3345164100000096761
Other Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers4233904110000054529
(Laboratory & Scientific Products & Supplies)
Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies Merchant4234504200000026000
Furniture Merchant Wholesalers4232105612000041000
(Medical & Laboratory Furniture)56122000
Medical Equipment & Supplies Store4461994219000065200
Uniform Manufacturer3152205310270096734
(California Garment Manufacturing Registration Certificate #GA24204931524096734
All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing3399997315160896750
(Kit Assembling)
Medical / Laboratory Suite of ServicesNAICSUNSPSCNIGP
Other Building & Finishing Contractors2383907215360691427
(Laboratory Furniture & Equipment Installation)
Surgical Appliances & Supplies Manufacturing3391137000000096761
(Hazardous Waste Treatment & DisposalPrimary
Equipment & Supplies)
All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing3399997315160096750
(Kit Assembling)
Furniture Merchant Wholesalers4232105612000041500
(Medical & Laboratory Furniture)56122000
Office Equipment Merchant Wholesalers4234204410160360000
(Paper Shredding Machines or Accessories)
Recyclable Material Merchant Wholesalers4236907612190128700
(Electronic Parts Recycler - Data Elimination & Disposal
for Hard Drives, Tapes, Solid State & Flash)
General Warehousing & Storage4931107813160096295
Other Warehousing & Storage4931907813180496295
(Document Storage)
Administrative Management & General Management Consulting5416118010150896100
Facilities Support Services5612107210150795800
Temporary Help Services5613208011161395200
Document Preparation Services5614108111200596618
Other Business Service Centers5614398014180096618
(Mail, Copy, & Document Scanning Services)81112005
All Other Business Support Services5614997810220095800
All Other Support Services5619907612190196227
(Document Shredding Services)
Other Waste Collection5621197612150092645
Hazardous Waste Treatment & Disposal5622117612190192645
(Steam, Sterilization & Maceration)
Material Recovery Facilities5629207612000092677
Safety / Security ProductsNAICSUNSPSCNIGP
Uniforms Manufacturer3152205310270096734
(California Garment Manufacturing Registration Certificate #GA24204931524096734
All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing3329997317151096700
Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical3345112517310896700
System & Instrument Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Equipment Manufacturing3363207317151028700
Sign Manufacturing3399505512171080100
All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing3399997315160896750
(Kit Assembling)
Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts Merchant Wholesalers4231204615000041000
(Law Enforcement / Emergency Vehicle Light Bars & Parts)
Office Equipment Merchant Wholesalers4234204219190460000
Flashlights / Batteries4236102611170028500
Other Electronic Parts & Equipment Merchant Wholesalers4236904921181028700
(Radar / Lidar Speed Enforcement)
Hardware Merchant Wholesalers4237104617150045000
(Locks & Related Security Products)46171501
Service Establishment Equipment & Supplies Merchant4238504600000096179
(Law Enforcement Equipment)
Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers4239904610150257800
(Defense & Law Enforcement Guns / Ammunition)46101503
(Law Enforcement & Military AGENCY Sales ONLY)46101504
Federal Firearms License #9-68-017-01-7G-00930)46101601
Men’s & Boys’ Clothing & Furnishings Merchant Wholesaler4243205310270320000
Women's, Children's & Infants' Clothing & Accessories4243305610180020000
Merchant Wholesalers
(Child Car Seats)
Footwear Merchant Wholesalers4243404618160080000
(Safety Footwear)
Sporting Goods Stores4511104616160480500
(Bicycle Helmets & Life Vests)46181704
All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers4539984600000096179
(Defense, Law Enforcement & Security Safety Equipment
& Supplies)
Investigative Services5616119212160496100
Hardware / MRO Products (Including Pesticides)NAICSUNSPSCNIGP
All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing3399997315160096750
(Kit Assembling)
Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts Mechant Wholesalers423120251700006000
Other Construction Materials Merchant Wholesalers4233903012170054000
(Road Construction Materials)
Electrical Apparatus & Equipment, Wiring Supplies & Related4236103911160928500
Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
(Transmission Pole & Line Hardware)
Hardware Merchant Wholesalers4237103116000045000
Plumbing & Heating Equipment & Supplies (Hydronics) Merchant4237204014170067000
Warm Air Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment & Supplies423730401017003100
Merchant Wholesalers40101800
Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies Merchant Wholesalers4237402413150074000
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Merchant Wholesalers4238303121150754529
(Spray Painting Equipment)
Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers4238404017160045000
Sporting & Recreational Goods & Supplies Merchant Wholesalers4239104913160080500
Other Chemical & Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers4246901019150017500
(Pesticides - Except Agricultural)
(California Pesticide Dealer #41463)
Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers424910101915002000
(Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Etc.)
California Pesticide Dealer #41463)
Paint, Varnish & Supplies Merchant Wholesalers4249503121000063000
(Pigments, Paints, Automotive Paints, Etc.)31211500
Other Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers4249902414150657800
(Tarps & Handles - Paint, Broom, Mop, Etc.)47131600
Paint & Wallpaper Stores4441203116000063000
(True Value Hardware Store #18434)
Hardware Stores4441303116000045000
(True Value Hardware Store #18434)
Office / JanSan ProductsNAICSUNSPSCNIGP
Other Building Finishing Contractors2383907215360691427
(Office Furniture Equipment Installation)
All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing3399997315160896750
(Kit Assembling)
Furniture Merchant Wholesalers4232104412000041000
Service Establishment Equipment & Supplies Merchant4238504712000096179
(Janitorial Equipment & Supplies)
Stationery & Office Supplies Merchant Wholesalers4241204412000061500
Industrial & Personal Service Paper Merchant Wholesalers4241304412000064000
Promotional ProductsNAICSUNSPSCNIGP
Commercial Screen Printing3231138200000096684
All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing339999735160096750
(Kit Assembling)
Book, Periodical & Newspaper Merchant Wholesalers4249205500000071500
Promotional Merchandising Services5418608014160591558
(Direct Mail Advertising)
Other Services Related to Advertising5418908212150091501
(Advertising Specialty Items - Keychain, Magnet, Pen, Etc. -
Distribution Services)
(ASI Distributor Member #335153)