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Bid Advantages

Our nation’s citizens honor service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses such as Stay Safe Solutions by providing bid advantages, bid incentives and bid goals for government, corporate and regulated utilities contracts, affecting over $1 trillion in annual opportunities. These bid advantages have allowed Stay Safe Solutions to win over $100 million in opportunities in these contract rich markets. Stay Safe Solutions can help you win important contracts.

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Supply Schedules

Supply Schedules are the most widely used government contracting method because the acquisition process is greatly simplified for government buyers. Federal agencies alone spend over $60 Billion annually in Supply Schedule acquisitions. Stay Safe Solutions holds three (3) key schedules and wants to feature your high quality manufacturer and distributor products on our schedules.

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E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Platforms with Catalogs Featuring Over 2 Million Essential Products. Online commerce is increasing in B2G, B2B & B2C marketplace sectors. Stay Safe Solutions is strategically positioned to capture this business with our focus on essential products, timely delivery and competitive prices.

We want to include your products in our offerings.

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Existing Contracts

Stay Safe Solutions has successfully fulfilled over $100 million in contracts. These opportunities have provided us with valuable access to multiple buyers. These buyers know, respect and trust us. These buyers will be interested in learning from us about your products that you manufacture and distribute. Let us market your products to the government marketplace using our significant number of buyer contacts, our unique bid advantages, our valuable Supply Schedules and our fully developed E-Commerce platforms.


Service-disabled veterans and small businesses are the only groups that currently receive targeted opportunities for California’s billions of dollars in annual contract awards. Our mission is to use our significant bid preferences and bid incentives to help make your business or agency successful.

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Stay Safe Suite of Services

Stay Safe Solutions offers medical, laboratory, research and educational facilities a comprehensive suite of services consisting of on-site medical waste sterilization and disposal, secure document destruction and disposal, secure document imaging and storage, and secure data elimination and disposal for hard drives, tapes, solid state and flash. Combined with our business center (postal, shipping and printing), Stay Safe Solutions provides up to five (5) complete services in one location, on-site at each individual medical, or laboratory, research or educational facility, whether it be a hospital or aircraft carrier. REQUEST A QUOTE NOW! REQUEST A QUOTE NOW!
  • ONLY on-site waste treatment system in the marketplace that guarantees complete sterilization of all waste for all processing cycles. This includes COVID-19, Ebola and all other bacteria, viruses and spores.
  • Complete sterilization on-site eliminates the risk of transporting untreated waste on public roadways passing through vulnerable neighborhoods and communities.
  • Environmentally sustainable. Macerates the waste while it is being sterilized so that the volume of the processed waste is reduced up to 90% while its weight is reduced by up to 50%. This significantly reduces the burden on landfills.
  • Complete sterilization on-site eliminates the risk of increased disposal costs when the volume of waste spikes due to a pandemic. On-site treatment eliminates worries about cost increases and where to store the untreated waste awaiting removal or transport over public roadways. A patient being treated for COVID-19 generates exponentially greater amounts of Regulated Medical Waste (a.k.a., “Infectious Waste”) than a normal hospital patient. Everything in the patient’s room and everything they come into contact with is assumed to be infectious medical waste.
  • No special permits
  • Deemed effective and safe in all 50 states
  • Streamlined acquisition through VA Schedule 65IIA.

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DVBE Participation

The Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) program requires that California governmental agencies and regulated companies and utilities that award contracts for goods and services strive to expend not less than 3 percent of the cumulative value of all of their contracts on DVBE firms (3 percent goal). The citizens of the State of California honor their service-disabled veterans by having them benefit financially from doing business with the State. The DVBE program directs California governmental entities and regulated companies and utilities to procure goods and services from firms, such as Stay Safe Solutions, Inc., that have been certified as meeting the strict DVBE eligibility criteria required by law. Most bid opportunities also include at least a 3 percent DVBE participation requirement. Stay Safe Solutions can help your firm win your bid and meet your Commercially Useful Function (CUF) DVBE participation requirement.

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Stay Safe Essentials Online

Stay Safe Solutions is your complete source for all your personal protective equipment, laboratory, medical, hardware / MRO (including pesticides), promo and office/jansan product needs. In addition to being the only SB/DVBE listed on the NASPO contract for laboratory supplies, we provide an extensive selection of police, military, correctional, emergency services, and security company equipment and gear. We carry products from the leading manufacturers that you need to protect you, your family, do your job effectively and Stay Safe. We know you will be pleased with our selection, value, and service.

These targeted procurement inclusions allow Stay Safe Solutions to help you increase your sales in these significant marketplaces.